March 1937:  Thirty-six people gathered to organize a church.  At that time, Peace Progressive Missionary Baptist Church was organized.  It was under the leadership of Rev. C Fluker that the members found and purchased property for the church.


1938 – 1941: Rev. Anderson


1949: In the year of 1949, the late Rev. W.G. Blackson purchased the land at 2607 24th Ave where the church stands now.


1951 – 1962: After assuming the leadership role of Pastor, the late Rev. J.C. Goins saw the need to erect a new building for worship.  It was in the year 1966 that a new block structure was constructed and the “Peace” members marched in the new Church.


1963 – 1964: Rev. W. L. Williams


1964: Rev. J C. Goins returned to Peace Baptist Church


June 1966: Rev. Goins and members marched into a new edifice.


October 1977: the church received a facelift by changing the front part of it.


November 1977: The mortgage was burned.


1979: Rear lot of the church was purchased.


1982: Pews were cushioned


September 1984: retirement program for its pastors started.  Shortly afterward, Rev. J. C. Goins retired from Peace Baptist.


May 1985: Rev. William Frank Leonard became the new pastor.


1988:  Church debt was liquidated and Rev. Leonard started  a children’s choir.


January 1991: Youth church established.


1991: choir #2 and male choir was disbanded and the new choir is Leonard’s Gospel.


1992: Personal Outreach Ministry began.


November 1995: Church van was purchased.


2006: Interior improvements started including additional pews and carpeting.


June 2007: Rev. Leonard announced his retirement.


October 31, 2007: Rev. Leonard officially retired.


November 2007: Alfonzo Broughton assumed the role of Interim Pastor.


2008: Search for Senior Pastor took place


February 7, 2009: Election for Senior Pastor held.


March 1, 2009: Rev. Albert Gallmon voted on by the church to be the Senior Pastor of Peace Missionary Baptist Church.


June 4, 2017: Bishop Sylvester Robinson preaches the Word as the new Shepard at Peace Progressive Missionary Baptist Church.


July 16, 2017: PPMBC arrives on social media.


August 6, 2017: New baptismal pool mural revealed